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100 Years

The album is a tribute to the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic on the 100th anniversary of its existence. Rich in illustrations, archival photos, memories of outstanding figures in the world of music, the book received a modern design, and in order to emphasize the jubilee character of the publication, high-quality sophisticated paper, advanced printing and refining techniques were used. The album takes the reader into the world of the orchestra's history and presents the backstage of the philharmonic hall.

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The Big Book of Bullshit

The Big Book of Bullshit publication is a graphic exploration of truth, trust and lies and is divided into 3 visually juxtaposed chapters. The Truth: An illustrated essay on the psychology of deception. The Trust: a visual investigation on the notion trust and The Lies: An illustrated gallery of bullshit, all derived from anonymous confessions of deception. The book's visual layout takes inspiration from Jan Tschichold's 'Van de Graaf canon', used in book design to divide a page in pleasing proportions.

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Light Luce

After the devastating earthquake of 2016, the Umbria Region of Italy required a reposition of its communications. This catalog is that journey displaying the cultural riches of unknown areas of the territory. Each of the section index pages was designed focusing on communicating that storytelling. Although mainly a photography journey of light and unseen culture, the textual part of the catalog has been treated to balance the visual story.

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The Classic of Tea

Redesigned The Classic of Tea, which is the world's earliest book recording tea. The book is wholly made and packaged by beech wood. The central title is carved with red copper. Ancient Chinese culture before Christ was mostly handed down by bamboo, trees and bronze, and tea culture also evolved from these three materials.

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Lada 2050

ArtBook contains the results of the participants in the LADA 2050 future vision project. The design release is complex and filled with many different types of sketches and stages of modeling a conceptual mode of transport. The main task was to collect them in a complete and understandable publication. A complicated navigation system was created for ArtBook. Many info graphic elements, photos and drawings of the model, as well as photos of the stages of creating the finalist's car model, were developed and systematized.

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The Birth of a Book

The most important aim of the project was the preparation of a text about the design of books in the 16th century in Poland and the graphic design of the publication. The resulting book has a general and popularizing nature. The main goal was to provide the collected and structured material showing the formation of the Polish Renaissance book to people interested in the history of books, experienced and beginner graphic designers. The designed structure of publications presents the old prints in real size and the method of their production in additional elements like e.g. a dust jacket.

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