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Refracting Reality

Light has been the main part of our world since the beginning of time. Humans have learned to use light to tell stories, relate, experience, and communicate. The book expressed light characteristics: Refraction, Reflection, Diffraction, and Interferer through typography and imageries. The light experience was considered in the book's materials, such as coated paper, uncoated paper, and a solid prism. The prism of the book spine was used to manifest the perception of light.

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Inside Muses

A Muse by the Sea, K11 Musea is a retail and dining space in Hong Kong advocating contemporary art and design. Inside Muses is a publication created to feature works from the four muses of the unique retail concept: Architecture, Furniture, Nature and Art. Reflecting the spirit of discovery, Inside Muses is designed to evoke a explorative and engaging experience through an unconventional book format that leads readers on a journey of adventure and new perspectives at every turn.

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Art and Us

Lewben Art Foundation has published a book of selected works of foundation. The art album consists of two parts: the main one with visualizations and a booklet with information in the pocket. The book creates an impression of the artist sketchbook, therefore, each page is illustrated with original textures and used a stitching technology. To reveal the topic were used a transparent PVC cover and various transparent and rough papers for documentation and markers. As in the sketchbook, the book is rich in various technical principles - foiling, offset printing and silk-screen printing.

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Kang Yoonsung

The book commemorates the retirement of Kang Yoonsung, a graphic designer and university professor. Since ancient times, there has been a custom in Korea to make rainbow rice cakes on auspicious occasions such as 100 days, 1st birthday, marriage, and 60th birthday. He hoped that retirement would be a feast day, not a sad day, so the concept of the book became rainbow rice cake. The book was composed of letters from 60 colleagues and disciples from Korea, China and Japan, and design work by Kang Yoonsung. The book was designed using colored paper to express the rainbow rice cake.

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The cover materials and colors of the hardcover are used to create a clear way to present the typical colors of Pu'er tea. The font design and layout are properly left blank, and the overall layout is full of changes. Modern design language is used to explain the charm of Chinese Pu'er tea, and the chapter design is simple and clear. The pictures and content are well matched and interesting. The graphics and text are harmoniously and properly presented.

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Our world has evolved dramatically since the invention of movable type, and so have people. The internet has altered reading habits from linear to non-linear. However, the printed book still retains its traditional form, causing a disconnect between the reader and the ink on paper. This gap made it possible for Stet to exist. Stet aims to reshape and push the boundaries of print to encourage more people to read tactile books, with concentration on certain genres like Humanities.

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