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The Birth of a Book

The most important aim of the project was the preparation of a text about the design of books in the 16th century in Poland and the graphic design of the publication. The resulting book has a general and popularizing nature. The main goal was to provide the collected and structured material showing the formation of the Polish Renaissance book to people interested in the history of books, experienced and beginner graphic designers. The designed structure of publications presents the old prints in real size and the method of their production in additional elements like e.g. a dust jacket.

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Krakowski Salon Sztuki

This catalogue presents artists and their artworks exhibited during the first edition of the Krakowski Salon Sztuki 2018 – Krakow Art Salon 2018 – in Cracow, Poland. Each spread has a slightly different layout adapted to the form and number of presented works. The inspiration of this Exhibition Catalogue is the way of artworks' presentation at the exhibition, diversity and minimalism.

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Dorina Nowill

The annual report Dorina Nowill is a publication that presents annual results of the foundation's performance, essential for the maintenance of its funders, which allow it to assist blind or with low vision people free of charge. The graphic project developed by Laika sought to bring the reality of the blind to the experience of reading the book, exploring the tactile sensation, as a relief in the printing of the cover, and the points printed in Braille, presenting the reader with aspects of the daily life of blind or with low vision people through Braille reading resources.

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ZhuZi Art

Collection artworks of traditional Chinese Calligraphy & Chinese Painting for ZHUZI Art Museum / 2019 Edition / Hardcover / Pages : 120 / Format : Width 10 inch × Height 13 inch / Language : traditional Chinese / Book design : Xi Alice Zong / Publisher : ZHUZI Art Center. These collection editions are Inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting. With its long history and elegant technique, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy are highly valued for their artistry and practicality.

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Beyond the Blue

It is a feature of this book to introduce various looks of the sea through the distinguishing colors of each chapter. For example, the green color chip symbolizes a healthy sea forest, while the red color chip shows dark side of a sea filled with whale blood. Like this, the color chips introduced in each chapter are used to express the bright and dark side of the sea symbolically. This book was printed on soybean oil ink with low environmental pollution on 100g matte paper and thread bound to reduce bond usage.

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Didactics of Typography

"Didactics of Typography. Teaching the Letter / Teaching with the Letter" presents the methods and outcomes of teaching lettering and typography in selected polish art schools. The book covers various syllabuses, as well as presentations and discussions of teaching results based on specific student projects. The design process involved organising diverse, bilingual content and providing clear textual and visual narration of the publication. Orange accents in the design's monochromatic colour palette lead the reader's attention through the fascinating world of typography.

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