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Kang Yoonsung

The book commemorates the retirement of Kang Yoonsung, a graphic designer and university professor. Since ancient times, there has been a custom in Korea to make rainbow rice cakes on auspicious occasions such as 100 days, 1st birthday, marriage, and 60th birthday. He hoped that retirement would be a feast day, not a sad day, so the concept of the book became rainbow rice cake. The book was composed of letters from 60 colleagues and disciples from Korea, China and Japan, and design work by Kang Yoonsung. The book was designed using colored paper to express the rainbow rice cake.

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The cover materials and colors of the hardcover are used to create a clear way to present the typical colors of Pu'er tea. The font design and layout are properly left blank, and the overall layout is full of changes. Modern design language is used to explain the charm of Chinese Pu'er tea, and the chapter design is simple and clear. The pictures and content are well matched and interesting. The graphics and text are harmoniously and properly presented.

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Our world has evolved dramatically since the invention of movable type, and so have people. The internet has altered reading habits from linear to non-linear. However, the printed book still retains its traditional form, causing a disconnect between the reader and the ink on paper. This gap made it possible for Stet to exist. Stet aims to reshape and push the boundaries of print to encourage more people to read tactile books, with concentration on certain genres like Humanities.

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National Museum of Qatar

The books are a visual exploration of the National Museum of Qatar inspired by the desert rose. The design echoes the characteristics of this phenomenon through the choice of sandy colored cover materials, de-bossing, and printed edges, creating "objects" that like the museum, appear to be emerging from the sand; giving visitors the sense of taking a piece of the museum with them, rather than an image of it. Timeless yet contemporary, the books capture the unique qualities of the new architecture and the old palace, taking the reader on a journey through the immersive museum experience.

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Music of the Skalne Podhale Region

The publication is an anthology of the most important and beautiful highlander melodies and songs. It consists of 3 volumes: "Theories", "Finger notation" and "Music notation" as well as recordings. The graphics on the covers refer to the mountain horizon view and sound recording in a music editing program. It is also an optical illusion of a reflection in the water, as well as a reflection of the notes: note and finger, which represent the same content in two different forms. The use of raw linen and red threads is a reference to traditional highlander costumes.

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Cultural Wars Against Poland

Cultural Wars Against Poland is a popular science historical series published by the National Center for Culture in Poland. Coordinates: war, roughness, destruction, nationality, invaders, red accents referring to the color of Poland. Very rough paper chosen for the cover - Antalis Curious Collection Matter, Goya White - strengthens the message. The tear-off of a page on the covers is enhanced by the dry-stamping technique. The printing color of the inside of the books is two-tone - black and intense red. Otinid binding allows to open the book flat, which makes it easier to read.

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