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These are books about traditional culture, it contains the twelve earthly branches of China and philosophy of thing grows and coexists. The books were bind in folding form of ancient Chinese books, used wood and special paper. It is easy to turn the pages, and gives people a sense of history and philosophy. Printing process includes laser engraving, laser printing, creasing and hot stamping. In layout design, the books used hand-drawn graphics, texture art and the hue of the high gray. Chinese culture and national traditions is the inspiration in design.

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Based on the idea of departures and arrivals this board magazine is divided in two parts:Going/ Coming. Going is about european cities, travel experiences and tips to go abroad. Includes a passport of a celebrity in each edition. The passport of "Republic of Travelers" has personal information about that person and their interview. Coming is all about the idea that the best of a trip is returning home. It talks about home decoration, cooking, activities to do with our family and articles to enjoy our home better.

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Brochure of HKYDC 2014

The metamorphic and kaleidoscopic graphic in the brochure including the campaign identity is evolved from the concept that design ideas are sparked off after numerous collisions and fusions of varied trivial elements. They like genes and cells under the microscope, that is: constantly changing and evolving. They come from within and determined by our upbringing, our taste and things that we have seen and done in all those years we live. The brochure features not just the works of the competition, but the souls of individuals whose interesting points of view and insights worth more attention.

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Too Loud A Solitude

The design is based on a novel by Bohumil Hrabal. A book is a three-dimensional object and so, if all the elements that make up a book are taken into consideration when doing a book design for a novel, is it possible to achieve better results? With this in mind, the way of telling the story in this project is by using different formats such as the choice of material, the binding, the print method, the folding or the shape of a page etc. Thus, the formats within the pages would change to follow the content.

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Logo: Visual Asset Development

In today's business world, visual plays an increasingly important role to build the image and identity in the public's mind. Like human beings who have the face and appearance, a company and brand build a visual identity to represent itself. A strong visual identity contains vision, hope, values, philosophy, character, and uniqueness that make it different, meaningful, and valuable. Visual Asset is an important element in the company's overall business strategy.

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Threaded Ed.17, The Seele of Seventeen

Threaded celebrates the printed object and is an exhibition space for design, diversity of discourse and intentionality, particularly for the editorial team and collaborators; artists, designers, writers. It showcases the work of designers and the process and thinking that sits behind what is seen. The range of projects and processes shown by practitioners varies yet the common thread is creatives are given the opportunity to lead and present themselves visually and conceptually how they want to be seen.

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