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Music of the Skalne Podhale Region

The publication is an anthology of the most important and beautiful highlander melodies and songs. It consists of 3 volumes: "Theories", "Finger notation" and "Music notation" as well as recordings. The graphics on the covers refer to the mountain horizon view and sound recording in a music editing program. It is also an optical illusion of a reflection in the water, as well as a reflection of the notes: note and finger, which represent the same content in two different forms. The use of raw linen and red threads is a reference to traditional highlander costumes.

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Cultural Wars Against Poland

Cultural Wars Against Poland is a popular science historical series published by the National Center for Culture in Poland. Coordinates: war, roughness, destruction, nationality, invaders, red accents referring to the color of Poland. Very rough paper chosen for the cover - Antalis Curious Collection Matter, Goya White - strengthens the message. The tear-off of a page on the covers is enhanced by the dry-stamping technique. The printing color of the inside of the books is two-tone - black and intense red. Otinid binding allows to open the book flat, which makes it easier to read.

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Catalogue of Incunabula

The two-volume "Catalogue of Incunabula in the National Library of Poland" presents the collection of 15th-century prints held by the BNP. The idea of the project refers to the style of the first Renaissance prints and typography – both in the materials’ selection: elegant, hand-made cover, by referring to typography, an oldstyle Adobe Jenson font, large initials, which are the leitmotif of the project, as well as the technique of two-color typographic printing in the title of the cover.

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Brand design s6 Foundry

The S6 Foundry branding and its subsequent type specimen book were designed to create a joy of new typography, positioning the brand's visual language. A bright and cheerful palette of warm color and a distinctive and surprising form language captures the spirit, harking to traditional signwriting of the 1900 century fun fair. The designs were developed as a kaleidoscope of forms and elements to create the right visual consistency of the brands’ ethos and a new direction of commercial bespoke fonts.

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The Journey of Arita

A typographic design book with various stories including the importance in the development of Korean terminology and collaboration between designers. The book The Journey of Arita covers everything related to the Arita font, which has long been veiled, encompassing how the corporate typefaces were born, the story behind the font design, cases where these typefaces were used, interviews with 14 of the designers involved in the design per font, documentary photographs showing the process of creating typefaces, and products and books that use the Arita font.

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A Is Van Os

Anyone who can read knows the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. But where do those letters come from? How long do they exist? And who designed them? Autobahn and Bette Westera take you back to the time of your distant ancestors, who made a drawing if they wanted to "write" something. Slowly but surely, their drawings changed into the first letters. If you look closely, you can recognize the Latin current alphabet. And guess what? A is not for Apple at all, but for Ox! An educational letter book for all ages!

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