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Mountains as well as waters

Sculpturer’s autobiographical album of painting collected his sculpture works and also recorded his artistic development. The keynote of the book is succinct composition and elegant color, which can build moderate and natural narrative. In the publication design, complicated designing signs were abandoned, controlling the space between words, arrangement of pictures directly, using white space to control the speed of reading…showing the author’s sculpture works and art experience. Readers can feel author’s true feeling from the pages when reading.

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Utopia and Collapse

Utopia and Collapse documents the rise and fall of Metsamor, the Armenian atomic city. It brings together a history of the place and a photographic research with some academic essays. Metsamor’s architecture is a unique example of an Armenian variety of Soviet Modernism. Among the topics discussed are Armenia’s cultural and architectural histories, the typology of Soviet atomograds and the phenomenon of modern ruins. This book, based on the multidisciplinary Rethinking Metsamor research project, for the first time tells the city’s story and reveals what lessons can be learned from it.

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Citizens and Revolutionaries

The design takes into consideration that the book is divided into 3 parts, each having sub-parts. Each of the 3 parts and their sub-parts are treated differently as chapter openers. The challenge was to treat each type of content differently without creating too many varied styles and treatments. The concept was to create a book that is easy to read while paying minute attention to typographic details for the narrative.

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Customer value: medium

What does Google know about me? What data does my bank save about me? The final Graphic Design BA thesis wants to show how much and what data is collected in our everyday life. From your bank, grocery stores, tech enterprises and so on. It's a visualization of a life out of third party data. It'll give a subjective view in the topic, yet and informative and educational insight. It doesn't tell you what to think, it will encourage you to think about where you stand yourself. So, what does google know about you?

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300 Years in the heart of the Douro

The history of Quinta do Vallado, a wine producer known all over the world for the quality of their products, is told in 224 pages. The ‘Quinta do Vallado. 300 Years in the heart of the Douro.’ book contains emblematic pictures illustrating and eternalising the evolution of Quinta do Vallado through the past 300 years, namely the landscapes, vineyards, structures, artworks, labels, owners, among others, and stating the path Quinta do Vallado wants for their future. The bilingual book has an appealing design and distinctive finishes chosen by Omdesign.

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Sur les Chevaux Orientaux

Exclusive scientific edition about Arabic culture and Arabian horses is based on and inspired by beautifully illustrated nineteenth-century manuscript "Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et Provenant des Races Orientales" written by Waclaw Rzewuski. It comprises 9 volumes published as 2 box sets in English & Polish. The binding features mix of gold and natural cream color, a reference to palette of the Arabian desert. Together with high-quality paper, these tones reflect the style of the traditional outer garments worn by Arab men. Created for the National Library of Poland and Qatar Museums Authority.

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