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Gaceta Audio 23

The Gaceta Audio Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the National College of Opticians Optometrist of Spain, It is intended for audiologist, hearing aid technicians, ENT's and students in Audiology. 11.000 copies are printed and distributed free of charge to licensed professionals, hearing centers, optical centers, universities, professional schools, etcetera, in a word the entire market of audiology in Spain. The magazine supports its design in the prominent use of images, some medical and other most evocative, it helps to improve the experience of the reader.

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The first edition of this food blog magazine features the favourite recipes of Karin Stöttinger from her food blog Geschmacks Momente in printed form. The playfully designed title “please, don’t stay hungry” is true to the personal way of speaking to the target group which characterises the blog. The creative recipes are presented with aesthetic photos and detailed text design. The layout serves to convey special taste experiences and the social pleasure which eating together brings.

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Eseje o Niepodleglej

The essays book commissioned for the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Polands independence restoration. The layout and materials are minimalistic and exclusive. The design colors refer to Polands white-red flag. The red was used in details and white was replaced by silver on the cover, which combined with the minimalist typography of the title in red gives the feel of elegance and dignity. The handwritten quotation on cover was made in a hotstamping technique with a silver foil and a blind stamping. Digitalized in 2018 font Bona Nova used in publication was made in Poland (1971).

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Xicang Market

The designer choice of the objects to be used as stalls, the way of displaying, the “daily design” of the handwritten signs and the relationship between people and objects, are the most prominent features the book want to show. The design of the book also well conformed to the creator’s intention- “simply a presentation”. The whole book is divided into eight chapters:: location, market, signs, stalls, oral accounts, goods, price and vendors according to the elements of a local market. The idea is to minimize the design and restore the scene of the marketplace by every independent chapter.

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Smile With Wanja

Wanja textbooks are designed to convey the brand message of bringing happiness to everyone. They are designed with vividly rendered graphics and Minecraft stylized characters that visually represent the Powerbox Learning System, which highlights and organizes study contents with boxes. The Wanja’s brand book includes a design guide that clarifies the Wanja identity to create synergized products. As a result, Wanja books have been created to carry a consistent design throughout the entire series.

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Saks Books

This book sheds new light on the link between the individual and society in the modern age in analogy with that of the society and university. It’s minimalistic design helps it blend with the home interior and bookshelf. The pure white appearance is suitable for a research book as it evokes a rational sensibility. The motif of two overlapping circles reflects the book’s theme of the individual-society link. A special QR code on the back cover allows easy access to e-books on digital devices.

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