Febris by Levent Muslular

Levent Muslular Discloses The Febris Locator For Kids

Levent Muslular, the maker of the award winning work Levent Muslular's Febris Locator for Kids explicates, Febris is a kind of smart watch designed for children between 4 to 12 ages. It functions as wearable phone and locator for the kids who a <Cropped>

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Night Collection Design

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Furniture Items For The Bedroom, Consisting of a Double Bed and a Set of Storage Units.night Collection Design New Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Desi

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of furniture items for the bedroom, consisting of a double bed and a set of storage units.Night collection design new product design contest on desall.com: tomasella and desall invite you to <Cropped>

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The Second Nature-Visual Identity by Xincong He

Xincong He Spotlights The The Second Nature Visual Identity

Xincong He, the maker of the awarded work Xincong He's The Second Nature Visual Identity spells out, This project has two sections, Pace Gallery re-branding, and Second Nature exhibition VI design. Xincong (Jean), she used circular costumed typo <Cropped>

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Xiamen China Happyland by Alec Wong

Alec Wong Demonstrates The Happyland Kid's Club Xiamen China Happyland

Alec Wong, the author of the awarded design Happyland Kid's Club by Alec Wong explicates, The design inspiration of Whale Island kids club concept is from the location of the project, where Gulangyu Island is a pedestrian only island off the coa <Cropped>

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Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel Id Team's Xx265 Led Tv Led Television

Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel Id Team Discloses The Xx265 Led Tv Led Television

Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel ID Team, the maker of the displayed design LED television by Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel ID Team says, Plastic cabinet design is differentiated from conventional models with overall texture and glossy surface left belo <Cropped>

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298 Nikuya Kitchen-Japanese Dining Restaurant by Chikara Sasaki & Aky.n

Chikara Sasaki & Aky.n Discloses The 298 Nikuya Kitchen Japanese Dining Restaurant

Chikara Sasaki & Aky.N, the designer of the awarded design Japanese Dining Restaurant by Chikara Sasaki & Aky.N explains, 298 Nikuya Kitchen TST is Japanese BBQ restaurant. The design of the space was inspired by American Diner in 1970s. Bla <Cropped>

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Calendar 2016 “park” by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Portrays The Calendar 2016 “park” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the architect of the displayed work Katsumi Tamura's Calendar 2016 “Park” Calendar explains, The Park papercraft kit is easy to assemble. No glue or scissors needed. Assemble the bicycle, bench and animals by fitting togethe <Cropped>

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Ai Design System:dress by Baozun Tic Design

Baozun Tic Design Reveals The Dress Ai Design System

Baozun TIC Design, the author of the highlighted design Dress by Baozun TIC Design demonstrates, Smart robots analyze big data from every sides to inspire fashion designers. It tell designers: which cloth meets the current trends, which is popular in <Cropped>

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Residential Design:kot&kalen by Kot, Ge

Kot, Ge Shows The Kot&kalen Residential Design

Kot,Ge , the lead designer of the awarded work Residential design:Kot&Kalen by Kot,Ge explains, The possession of wealth does not mean property of taste. In particular, villa, an asset with significant symbolism, can only be mastered by the true <Cropped>

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The Habitat-Rethinking Student Housing in India

The Aim of The Competition Is to Design a Quality Student Housing For 140 Occupants in India With Different Unit Typologies Such as Studio, Double & Four Sharing Options With All State of The Art Facilities Creating Community Like Environment. The Sub

The aim of the competition is to design a quality student housing for 140 occupants in india with different unit typologies such as studio, double & four sharing options with all state of the art facilities creating community like environment. th <Cropped>

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