Laptop Table:ultraleggera by Nur Seda Sahin

Nur Seda Sahin Designs The Ultraleggera Laptop Table

Nur Seda Sahin, the designer of the awarded design Ultraleggera by Nur Seda Sahin spells out, In the user’s living space,it will be able to undertake the task of a coffee table and meet the needs of putting, leaving, keeping in mind a number of o <Cropped>

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Abisso-bathroom Furniture Collection by Francesco Meneghello, Davide Lanfranco

Francesco Meneghello, Davide Lanfranco Illustrates The Abisso Bathroom Furniture Collection

Francesco Meneghello, Davide Lanfranco, the lead designer of the award winning design Bathroom furniture collection by Francesco Meneghello, Davide Lanfranco explains, The series shows a clear but deeply intriguing language, proper of basic shapes li <Cropped>

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Resort Hotel by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Tsingpu Baisha Retreat Resort Hotel

The author of the awarded project Tsingpu Baisha Retreat by Acclaimed Designer says, Baisha is an idyllic rural village with Naxi traditional houses. The wall of old houses is made by local Wuhua-stones, and we can see Snow Mountain nearby. We set th <Cropped>

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Jinkia Initiative Shelter Competition

This Is a Competition to Help House Internal Refugees. The Challenge Is to Design Innovative, Bold, Simple and Culturally Appropriate Design Using Locally Available Materials.intervention New Designs/Constructions That Are Innovative, Bold, Affordable

This is a competition to help house internal refugees. the challenge is to design innovative, bold, simple and culturally appropriate design using locally available materials.Intervention new designs/constructions that are innovative, bold, afford <Cropped>

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Lilla Table by Jessica Herrera

Jessica Herrera Illustrates The Lilla Table Multifunctional Table

Jessica Herrera, the creative mind behind the awarded design Jessica Herrera's Lilla Table Multifunctional Table says, For many small homes the dining table is also used as a workspace. Lilla is helpful in creating a dynamic fusion between a di <Cropped>

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Lotus Rings, Earrings and Necklaces by Way Tay-chinoiserie Blu Pte Ltd

Way Tay-chinoiserie Blu Pte Ltd Illustrates The Lotus 1 Realism Collection Lotus Rings, Earrings and Necklaces

Way Tay - Chinoiserie Blu Pte Ltd, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning Lotus 1 Realism Collection Lotus Rings, Earrings and Necklaces illustrates, The designer was inspired by the Lotus, symbolising the beauty of change, inner strength, and <Cropped>

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Yasin Olive Garden New Mansion Loft-Real Estate Sales Center by Li Liu and Yanyan Zhang

Li Liu and Yanyan Zhang Shares The Yasin Olive Garden New Mansion Loft Real Estate Sales Center

Li Liu and Yanyan Zhang, the creator of the award winning work Yasin Olive Garden New Mansion LOFT by Li Liu and Yanyan Zhang says, This work delicately shows a principle of the Book of Tao and Teh written by Lao Tzu that a real house shall be desig <Cropped>

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Innovative Fitting System :i. Dummy by Dr.allan Chan (polyu)/Winswin Ltd. (hk)

Dr.allan Chan (polyu)/Winswin Ltd. (hk) Shares The I. Dummy Innovative Fitting System

Dr.Allan Chan (PolyU) /Winswin Ltd. (HK), the project leader of the highlighted project Dr.Allan Chan (PolyU) /Winswin Ltd. (HK)'s i. Dummy Innovative Fitting System explains, The i.Dummy project was conceived 5 years ago by Dr. Allan C.K.Chan o <Cropped>

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Award Winning Flow Oled Lamp

Mikolaj Dymowski Demonstrates The Flow Oled Lamp

Mikolaj Dymowski, the designer of the displayed work Oled lamp by Mikolaj Dymowski illustrates, Flow is a lamp designed with a purpose of providing a room with minimalist elegant decor piece that will flood the space with warm, non-glare ambient ligh <Cropped>

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Poster/Print by Qian Sun

Qian Sun Illustrates The Architype New York Poster/Print

Qian Sun, the architect of the highlighted design Poster/Print by Qian Sun demonstrates, Architype New York is a series of black and white typographic illustrations of the buildings in New York City and the surrounding burrows. The pieces are an expl <Cropped>

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