Diversity Collection by Maria Blondet

Maria Blondet Portrays The Diversity Collection Jewellery Collection

Maria Blondet, the project leader of the awarded project Diversity Collection by Maria Blondet explicates, Diversity is a jewelry collection inspired in how differences make a stronger world. Each piece is created in 22K gold, argentium and sterling <Cropped>

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Furniture Showroom by Rui Zhao

Rui Zhao Spotlights The Life Master Furniture Showroom

Rui Zhao, the author of the awarded design Furniture Showroom by Rui Zhao demonstrates, Life Master is a relatively special exhibition space design case,its particularity is that designer needs to create a space atmosphere which can at the same time <Cropped>

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Show House by Andrew Tam and Vicky Chan

Andrew Tam and Vicky Chan Shows The Haitang Show House Show House

Andrew Tam and Vicky Chan, the lead designer of the award winning design Show House:Haitang Show House by Andrew Tam and Vicky Chan explains, A modern classic design brings the sense of balance, stability, and harmony to the residence. The essence of <Cropped>

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Eco Park Contest

New Concept For a Green Recreational Areanew Contest On Desall.com: Metafin and Desall Invite You to Propose a New Concept For a Green Recreational Area That Is Due to Be Built in The Near Future in The Whereabouts of Venice (italy), Conceived as An Aggre

New concept for a green recreational areaNew contest on desall.com: metafin and desall invite you to propose a new concept for a green recreational area that is due to be built in the near future in the whereabouts of venice (italy), conceived as an <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Yi-Lun Hsu

Yi-Lun Hsu Presents The Sunrising Interior Design

Yi-Lun Hsu, the creator of the awarded work Interior Design:Sunrising by Yi-Lun Hsu points out, The indoor space pull in warm colors through the wooden floor. The TV wall of the living room made by exposed concrete responds the calmness atmosphere. T <Cropped>

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Three Sided Skinny Scarf by Bianca Elgar

Bianca Elgar Discloses The Three Sided Skinny Scarf Scarf

Bianca Elgar, the architect of the highlighted work Scarf:Three Sided Skinny Scarf by Bianca Elgar explains, The Bianca Elgar Three Sided Skinny scarf has three different colour prints on each side, which offers versatile styling options, making it <Cropped>

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Sensory Chairs:tink Things by Dorja Benussi

Dorja Benussi Illustrates The Tink Things Sensory Chairs

Dorja Benussi, the maker of the highlighted project Dorja Benussi's Tink Things sensory chairs explicates, Tink Things considers different neurological thresholds while using therapeutic principles to design supportive sensory furniture. It stri <Cropped>

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Fine Jeweled Egg by Larisa Zolotova

Larisa Zolotova Portrays The The Movie Theatre Fine Jeweled Egg

Larisa Zolotova, the creator of the award winning project Award Winning The Movie Theatre Fine Jeweled Egg points out, This art object is an inspiration for timeless Faberge jewels and the legend of Marilyn Monroe. The Movie Theater Fine Jeweled Egg <Cropped>

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Interactive Robot by Hci Exploration Lab-Baidu Aiid

Hci Exploration Lab-Baidu Aiid Portrays The Niro Pro Interactive Robot

HCI Exploration Lab - Baidu AIID, the architect of the highlighted project Interactive Robot by HCI Exploration Lab - Baidu AIID spells out, NIRO PRO is an interactive robot, a seamlessly integration of complex hardware and software with a minimalism <Cropped>

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Office Interior Design by Camenzind Evolution

Camenzind Evolution Presents The Google Campus Dublin Office Interior Design

Camenzind Evolution, the architect of the award winning work Google Campus Dublin by Camenzind Evolution explains, In June 2013, Google Ireland opened the doors to its thriving new campus: Four buildings located in the heart of Dublin’s historic do <Cropped>

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