Yoshitaka Uchino's Solaia Apartment Apartment

Yoshitaka Uchino Demonstrates The Solaia Apartment Apartment

Yoshitaka Uchino, the creative mind behind the award winning design Solaia Apartment - Apartment by Yoshitaka Uchino says, Yoshitaka Uchino designs spaces where people feel natures such as light, wind, and rain. Inspired by architectures in the wor <Cropped>

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Award Winning Office Building of Gas Company Gas Building

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri Shares The Office Building of Gas Company Gas Building

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri, the designer of the awarded work Gas Building by Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri explicates, As its name suggests architect has used form of gas refinery. The building features is a broad overview with the elements <Cropped>

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House:cannabis Walls by Tav Group

Tav Group Portrays The Cannabis Walls House

Tav Group, the creator of the awarded work House by Tav Group explains, A private eco-house, reclining on the Carmel Mountain facing the mediterranean sea and blending with the beauty of its natural surroundings, enveloping a south facing courtyard. <Cropped>

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Inci by Tolga Berkay

Tolga Berkay Creates The Inci Ceramic

Tolga BERKAY, the maker of the award winning design ceramic by Tolga BERKAY illustrates, A mirror of Elegance; Inci reflects the beauty of a pearl with black and white options and is the right choice for the ones who desire to reflect the nobility <Cropped>

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Thinkpad T and X Series-Laptop Computers by Lenovo Design Group

Lenovo Design Group Spotlights The Thinkpad T and X Series Laptop Computers

Lenovo Design Group, the lead designer of the awarded project Laptop Computers by Lenovo Design Group explicates, The ThinkPad T and X Series laptops have been redesigned to give professionals the sleek, yet durable business machine the modern workfo <Cropped>

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Award Winning K-Haler Inhaler

Mundipharma International Limited Reveals The K-Haler Inhaler

Mundipharma International Limited, the designer of the award winning work Inhaler:K-Haler by Mundipharma International Limited spells out, k-haler is a new inhaler that has been designed to make patient use simple and easy. It is a breath-activated d <Cropped>

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Club by Yongcai Huang

Yongcai Huang Shares The Dforce Club

YongCai Huang, the maker of the displayed design Club by YongCai Huang demonstrates, Dforce space design inspiration comes from table tennis, force the game to different results. The shape of the space is also due to the role of force in different <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Alireza Shafieitabar

Alireza Shafieitabar Discloses The Sky Lounge Restaurant

Alireza Shafieitabar, the creator of the awarded design Sky Lounge by Alireza Shafieitabar spells out, The sky lounge restaurant is located on the 21st floor of the Espinase Hotel in northern Tehran / Iran. The interior view is a rectangle of 50 mete <Cropped>

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Art Concept by Henry Chebaane

Henry Chebaane Discloses The Urban Pop Art Concept

Henry Chebaane, the designer of the highlighted project Urban Pop - Art Concept by Henry Chebaane says, Created under the artist pseudonym H.DD8, Urban pop is a collection of works, solo and collaborative (London Steampunk Mouse Murphy with Ron Engli <Cropped>

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Rug by Matteo Mirko Cetinski

Matteo Mirko Cetinski Creates The Indigo Rug Rug

Matteo Mirko Cetinski, the creator of the highlighted design rug by Matteo Mirko Cetinski explains, INDIGO rug project was conceived to give old, distressed, and damaged kilim rugs a new life cycle. Antique kilim rugs are refurbished using both dip d <Cropped>

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