Club Table by Ivana Cvetkovic Lakos

Ivana Cvetkovic Lakos Presents The Club Table

Ivana Cvetkovic Lakos, the architect of the displayed project Award Winning Club table explains, club & coffee table is an answer at the request for multifunctional piece of furniture in the modern home. User are encouraged t <Cropped>

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Data-Visualization Book:customer Value: Medium by Yves Krahenbuhl

Yves Krahenbuhl Discloses The Customer Value: Medium Data-Visualization Book

Yves Krahenbuhl, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Award Winning Customer value: medium Data-visualization book explicates, What does Google know about me? What data does my bank save about me? The final Graphic Design BA thesis wants to <Cropped>

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Skall Mezcal by Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz

Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz Creates The Skall Mezcal Alcoholic Beverage

Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz, the lead designer of the highlighted design Skall Mezcal by Melissa Xiao Xue Han Ruiz spells out, Skall is inspired by Aztec culture and the symbolic golden eagle. The design consists of six different options, each in a gla <Cropped>

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Sculpture-Logotype by Product Design R&d Center of Swjtu

Product Design R&d Center of Swjtu Designs The Order-Development Sculpture-Logotype

Product Design R&D Center of SWJTU, the author of the displayed design Product Design R&D Center of SWJTU's Order - development Sculpture-Logotype explains, Because of their limited experience comparing with skilled workers, many techniq <Cropped>

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Award Winning Wheat Youth Arts Hotel Youth Arts Hotel

Xiang Li Spotlights The Wheat Youth Arts Hotel Youth Arts Hotel

Xiang Li, the architect of the award winning design Award Winning Wheat Youth Arts Hotel Youth Arts Hotel points out, Upon approaching, two simple words “Mai Jian (Wheat)” could be seen on the small, simple and white door of the hotel. The design <Cropped>

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Award Winning Luvit Rocks Pralines

Blok Illustrates The Luvit Rocks Pralines

BLOK, the thinktank behind the displayed work Pralines:LuvIt Rocks by BLOK explicates, LuvIt is an Indian youth-based chocolate brand. For their praline collection, they wished to target young adults, as the existing praline buyers were middle-aged <Cropped>

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Madeleine by Damir Doma-Mykita Gmbh

Damir Doma-Mykita Gmbh Reveals The Madeleine Sunglasses

Damir Doma - Mykita Gmbh, the project leader of the displayed design Sunglasses:MADELEINE by Damir Doma - Mykita Gmbh spells out, At first glance, the perfectly round MADELEINE appears to consist of two frames, but a closer look reveals the trompe l <Cropped>

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Green Product Award & Green Concept Award

The Competition Is Seeking For Green, Sustainable Products, Concepts & Products and Concepts Can Be Submitted to The International Green Product Award For The Seventh Time. This Year, Manufacturers, Design Studios & Agencies Are Inv

The competition is seeking for green, sustainable products, concepts & services.Green products and concepts can be submitted to the international green product award for the seventh time. this year, manufacturers, design studios & agencies ar <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Frame Kitchen

Robert G-Wrkbnch Reveals The The Frame Kitchen

Robert G-Wrkbnch, the creator of the award winning project kitchen:the frame by Robert G-Wrkbnch illustrates, The frame is a new kitchen designed by Wrkbnch which units contemporary design and modernism. It is a suspended kitchen, unlike most of the <Cropped>

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Incenses Utensil by Repin Design

Repin Design Shows The Mountains-and-Waters Painting Incenses Utensil

Repin Design, the thinktank behind the awarded work Mountains-and-waters Painting by Repin Design demonstrates, The inspiration for the design of the incense utensil in the “mountains-and-waters painting” is originated from the Chinese mountains <Cropped>

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