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Fleet Of Time

The design team was commissioned to design a memorabilia for "Fleet of Time" (released as Back In Time in North America), one of the top Chinese box office films in China, adapted from a popular Chinese novel. Directed by Zhang Yi Bai, the story is set in the 1990s/2000s Beijing, a coming-of-age tale of 5 friends who grew apart over time. The objective was to create something more than just a usual film souvenir set and it has to appeal to fans of both the film and novel.

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This album is the part of big graduation project which Dina Ruzha has done in collaboration with talented calligraphers from Russia and Ukraine. The album contains works covering different directions of calligraphy from more classical types of writing to experimental ones, made by non-traditional instruments and materials. Particular attention in the album is given to Cyrillic calligraphy. Many artists study the history of Cyrillic. This is a unique material and the basis for the work. The author is grateful for participating in the project.

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Design of the catalogue "Rafael Garcia. Decor and Furniture", which chronicles the exhibition and donation to the Spanish state of the huge archive of the designer’s projects and several pieces of Modern Movement furniture and décor that have been incorporated into the National Museum of Decorative Arts collections in Madrid. The exhibition takes a look at one of the most influential Spanish designers in Spain during the second half of the twentieth century.

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Chinese Governmental Prize

The book Chinese Governmental Prize for Publishing, a hardcover book with binding and layout style, is divided into three volumes in letter box set and printed with special environmentally friendly cotton paper. It attaches great importance to the void on the title page and applies movable-type printing to the design of the lining papers.

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A handy small book (in A6 format, 140 pages), which is a valuable educational gadget of the Impact Academyl project. The first dictionary of digital marketing terms in the Polish language on the market. Noble refined design. Aesthetic values - a product that arouses interest and desire thanks to the project. High functional values ensuring intuitive use of the dictionary, a transparent layout, high accuracy preserved in the composition of the content, PL and ENG terms are located next to each other. Post-it notes, quick access to frequently used pages. Original cover.

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A way out of the mirror

The design of the book was based on a children’s storybook that tells a tale through images. The main character is an exaggerated form praying mantis, understood as a self-portrait of the artist as a young man. Titled after an Allen Ginsberg poem, A Way Out of the Mirror includes over two hundred drawings deliberately printed on thin paper. The special edition of the book was packaged in a personalized Tyvek pink envelope. Tyvek was chosen for its outstanding water resistance to both complement and withstand Farmer’s sculptural waterworks that were part of the Biennale exhibition.

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