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Azrieli Fellows

To celebrate their 10th anniversary the Azrieli Fellows Program had a special evening Gala devoted to celebrating the Fellows that have been part of the program for the past ten years. For that occasion the Azrieli Fellows Program released a special edition book that focus on some of those remarkable Fellows.

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The inspiration for creation of the calendar was the energy of young, creative people taking part in the international Lodz Young Fashion Award event. The project combines a metallic cover referring to the mirror, an inseparable tool of every fashion designer, fluorescent colors that encourage and inspire action and provide a lot of free space for the creative search. It starts with the date of this year's contest and ends with the date of the next edition of the event. It has the character of a personal diary, its idea is to accompany participants and fans of the contest throughout the year.

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INGRAD Annual Report 2019

Key purpose of the Annual report 2019 was to disclose investment prospectives and reliability of INGRAD group to investment banks financing INGRAD group construction. The use of typography combined with photos of projects (photos of residential estate constructed by the company). Key purpose of typographic work is to create exclusive design and such a print type that could reflect the high-profile status of INGRAD construction facilities.

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Reading Goethes Faust

This modular book is a typographical redesign of Goethes Faust amid the change of reading behavior in the digital age. The approach has been to visualize different reading methods in the process of time and bringing them all together in one literary work, without changing the wording or adding images, with the aim to facilitate the access to its content. Knowing that most information is retrieved in a quick way nowadays, in the form of emails or WhatsApp messages, the question arises if the change of this reading behavior might be a blessing or a curse for the mankind’s intellectual evolution.

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100 Years

The album is a tribute to the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic on the 100th anniversary of its existence. Rich in illustrations, archival photos, memories of outstanding figures in the world of music, the book received a modern design, and in order to emphasize the jubilee character of the publication, high-quality sophisticated paper, advanced printing and refining techniques were used. The album takes the reader into the world of the orchestra's history and presents the backstage of the philharmonic hall.

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The Big Book of Bullshit

The Big Book of Bullshit publication is a graphic exploration of truth, trust and lies and is divided into 3 visually juxtaposed chapters. The Truth: An illustrated essay on the psychology of deception. The Trust: a visual investigation on the notion trust and The Lies: An illustrated gallery of bullshit, all derived from anonymous confessions of deception. The book's visual layout takes inspiration from Jan Tschichold's 'Van de Graaf canon', used in book design to divide a page in pleasing proportions.

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