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How long will plastics stay with the world in the future and how much influence will they have on the future generations of the earth? This is a question worth pondering. Designers set out from this question, using the waste plastics in their lives as materials, designing and cutting purely by hand, and made a unique "plastic book". In the book, they imitated children's handwriting to trigger a warning of plastic pollution to all mankind.

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Craft as Time Capsule

This project is the final documentation of Hsiao-Wen's thesis research on craft making as a preservation methodology in the current digital age. The book consists of three parts, examining the transition between the physical and virtual, material and data, user engagement and experience from the perspective of craft making and preservation. As the world transitioned from physical activities to virtual interactions, new needs and forms of engagement with our surroundings were prompted. Such change not only exhibits via the object and the technology, but also the whole culture at large.

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The Seeds Of Faith

The Seeds of Faith - The Design of the Admission Letter for BFU, 2018. The whole set includes an admission letter, a notebook and an enrollment guidance. Four types of the letters illustrate stages of the growth process: Breeding, Germinating, Growing and Flourishing. The letter is colored dark green, with silver and golden dots or seeds. The concept of this design is the power of seeds, the research objects for Beijing Forestry University. College students in BFU are seeds, that, with the cultivation and irrigation, can release power to make important contributions in the future.

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Memories of Mukden

These are books on the city's history and regional culture. The books consists of eight volumes, which respectively introduce eight places of interest in Mukden. Mukden is the birthplace of Qing culture and an important Chinese cultural heritage. Books are bound by folding, materials are metal, rice paper, brocade and so on. The shape of the book is an octagonal palace lantern, which expresses the meaning that the palace lantern carries the memory of the old times and lights illuminate the history and culture. The content of the book uses digital illustration to depict the scene.

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180º North East

"180º North East" is a 90,000 word adventure narrative. It tells the true story of the journey Daniel Kutcher made through Australia, Asia, Canada and Scandinavia in the fall of 2009 when he was 24. Integrated within the main body of text that tells the story of what he lived through and learnt during the trip, photos, maps, expressive text and video help immerse the reader in the adventure and give a better sense of the author's own personal experience.

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The Graphic Design in Media Conception

This book is about graphic design; it provides explicit, the detailed look at design structure as process that is used to communicate with the audiences with different cultures through design methods includes the meaning of graphic design as a role, Design processes as techniques, Branding design as market context, Packaging design with prepared templates and contains works from highly imaginative creative's, which are used to indicate the principles of design.

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