Johanna Mårtensson & Ida Lundén.'s Orgel Visual Sound Installation

Johanna Mårtensson & Ida Lundén. Exhibits The Orgel Visual Sound Installation

Johanna Mårtensson & Ida Lundén., the designer of the displayed work Visual sound installation by Johanna Mårtensson & Ida Lundén. spells out, Orgel is an art installation and musical piece by composer Ida Lundén and artist Johanna Må <Cropped>

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Residential Interior:beijing Artists' House by Spactrum Studio

Spactrum Studio Shows The Beijing Artists' House Residential Interior

SpActrum Studio, the author of the highlighted project Residential Interior by SpActrum Studio demonstrates, After 30 years of rapid Chinese industrialization, this project reflects the fundamental social changes and industrial development of a count <Cropped>

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Logo and Label by Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi

Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi Portrays The Caspian Black Pearl Logo and Label

Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi, the architect of the award winning project Caspian Black Pearl by Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi spells out, The Beluga caviar is the rarest of the rare kinds of caviar and has been known as the luxurious food ever. Showing the signif <Cropped>

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Lthk Collaboration With K11's K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou Shopping Mall

Lthk Collaboration With K11 Presents The K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou Shopping Mall

LTHK collaboration with K11, the author of the highlighted work K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou - Shopping Mall by LTHK collaboration with K11 demonstrates, Gold is the main color palette of K11 Art Mall as well as the predominant color of its logo. Atrium a <Cropped>

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Award Winning Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Brochure

Tomohira Kodama Creates The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Brochure

Tomohira Kodama, the lead designer of the award winning work Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - Brochure by Tomohira Kodama illustrates, Mitsubishi Motors changed its brand tagline from drive@earth to Drive your Ambition and unveiled a new model Eclipse Cros <Cropped>

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Sputnik-Chair by Harold Sangouard

Harold Sangouard Presents The Sputnik Chair

Harold Sangouard, the creator of the awarded project Chair:Sputnik by Harold Sangouard explains, The Sputnik Chair is directly inspired from the Sputnik satellite. The world’s first artificial satellite was about the size of a beach ball (58cm, o <Cropped>

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Recliner by Joanina and David Pastoll

Joanina and David Pastoll Exhibits The Recliner Hanging Chair

Joanina and David Pastoll, the thinktank behind the awarded work Recliner - Hanging chair by Joanina and David Pastoll spells out, The Studio Stirling RECLINER hanging swing chair has elegantly curved lines & is sculptural and dynamic with a co <Cropped>

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Mixed Use Building by as Arquitectura

As Arquitectura Demonstrates The as Offices Mixed Use Building

AS Arquitectura, the project leader of the award winning work AS Offices - Mixed Use Building by AS Arquitectura explains, The Project consists of an office building that required 3 retail spaces to rent and an architecture workshop. The 15 x 20m l <Cropped>

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Cao Qi's Jht Memorial Hall Memorial Hall

Cao Qi Exhibits The Jht Memorial Hall Memorial Hall

Cao Qi, the author of the award winning work Memorial Hall by Cao Qi illustrates, This is the first exhibition hall with the theme of missions and missionaries in Mainland China. It is also a historical testimony of the missionaries of the China Inla <Cropped>

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Design Excellence Awards 2020

The Design Excellence Awards 2020 Is An Interior Design Competition Organised by The Interior Design Confederation of Singapore That Offers Cash Prizes, Keynote Speaking Engagements and Publicity For Winners With Media Partners Like Home & Decor, Houz

The design excellence awards 2020 is an interior design competition organised by the interior design confederation of singapore that offers cash prizes, keynote speaking engagements and publicity for winners with media partners like home & decor, <Cropped>

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